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[Corps & Publics] Video Platform for MICE, PCO
Date : 2021-05-13Views : 114
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For the MICE industry and professionals who act as PCOs, the basic condition of 'offline' has become a constraint. Currently, 

many event promotions, conventions, and seminars require new approaches and planning, as the "online" condition is not 

just one of the existing options, but an "unalterable minimum requirement".

⁠Replay - Increasing importance of VOD services 


⁠Changes to real-time online broadcasting to replace offline constraints can also occur. Depending on the location of 

the viewer and the quality of the online connection, all media events cannot be terminated with one live broadcast. 

In this case, it is necessary to change to the 'Replay'-VOD type.



⁠Global CDN and Quality Control



The video platform must be linked to the global CDN when the viewer is overseas. The Callus platform is linked to AKAMAI and LimeLight, global 

Top-tier CDN services, and scale-up depending on the size of the viewing is possible at any time other than quality control. Also, foreign users 

may need separate DNS settings to access Korean sites.


⁠Overseas residence, precautions for viewing outside of Korea


⁠Content Protection-Connection Restriction Options


⁠In general, some events, other than token applications such as Access Control and One-Time URL, have events and conventions 

that are sensitive to fundamental copyright protection issues due to the nature of content other than access restrictions. 

In this case, apply a security-only player to protect your content by blocking duplicate connections and recordings.

⁠Recording capture program crash | error code 1002

⁠You can also further refine your restriction options if you need to allow only viewing within a specific region. Domestic movie screenings provided 

by the Korean Cultural Center temporarily are only allowed if the access area is in the area and are not allowed to watch in Korea. Multi-DRM 

has been applied to construct these constraints, and security conditions for the process have been enhanced as domestic distributors upload directly.


This event is limited to the Korean Cultural Center and cannot be viewed outside the area.
Supports Widevine (Chrome/Firefox), Play ready (IE11+/Edge) and Fair Play (Safari) environments for Mpeg-Dash, HLS protocols.


Development convenience - API-based interworking convenience and consulting support

⁠It is not easy to have and maintain an online web platform for these events and conventions regularly. In most cases, outsourcing 

web platforms to meet event concepts, schedules, and budgets is common, and video-related components must be 

easily and simply linked to websites.

Kollus organizes all of its functions into APIs and is supported by service engineers consisting of online guides and high-level video engineering experts.

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